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And the Mystery is finally revealed! My favorite Disney movie (and theme for this quilt) is

The Sword in the Stone!

This is the final quilt top that I designed.

Here the complete list of the blocks, in the order in which they will appear.

To get the pattern from the one already available just click on the name and you will be redirected to the right spot in the Free Patterns page where you can download the block PDF.

If you see a block that you would like to see before its deadline, please, leave me a comment below!
I will do my best to make it happen :)

1. The Tower
2. The Sugar Pot

3. The Crown

4. The Squirrels

5. The Wise Fish

6. Archimedes on the Hat

7. Merlin

8. The Future King

9. Madam Mim

10. Upside Down Archimedes
11. Madam Mim Face

12. Merlin back from Barbados  

13. Sir Ector

14. Battle of the Wizards

15. Sir Kay

16. Arthur having tea
17. King Arthur

18. The Sword in The Stone

And finally a picture of the completed quilt, front and back! :) :)

(Size: 60''x82'')

Here some YouTube videos where you can see where I got my inspiration from :)
Some of them are not in English, but any fan like me would be able to watch the entire movie in a foreign language and still love it ;)

  • The Tower
  • Sir Ector
  • Sir Kay

  • The Crown 
  • Merlin back from Barbados
    (or from Honolulu in the Italian version :))

  • Madam Mim
  • The Wise Fish
  • The Squirrels
  • The Sugar Pot
  • Surprised Arthur/Wart
  • Upside Down Archimedes


  1. Beautiful quilt!! I cannot wait to start this!! The Sword in the Stone is one of my favorite Disney animated features and I love that you did this as a Mystery/QAL. Such a wonderful quilt! Your colors are beautiful!! <3 Thank you so much!! I hope you do more (Alice in Wonderland? Duck Tales? The great Mouse Detective?) :)

  2. Thanks for the nice comment :) I cannot wait to see these blocks made by others! :)
    And yes, actually I was thinking of doing other Disney quilts... and Alice in Wonderland is my second favorite Disney movie so there is a good chance for that... and I love Duck Tales too :) so I don't know, we'll see where the inspiration takes me...

  3. I was here looking at Alice because Fandom in Stitches posted it on my facebook. I plan to do Alice, but this quilt is fabulous! I want to do this one too!

    1. Thanks for the comment. You are more thank welcome to do both ;)
      And I would love to see pictures of your work if you want to share them! :) you can send them to me or upload them on the Fandom in Stitches Flickr group!

  4. When do we get more Sword Patterns!! Im loving this quilt and cant wait to finish!
    Thank you for all your patterns-your work is tremendous!!

    1. :) Thanks for the enthusiasm and the nice comment... I was planning to publish a pattern this weekend...
      Too many projects for me right now... and didn't see any of the previous one done by others so I thought there was not that much of interest in these patterns :)
      But I will keep publishing them soon... especially now that I know that someone is sewing them :)

  5. I actually followed a picture from pintrest here to look at Peanuts quilts, but I was totally AMAZED at these quilt blocks. This weekend I had to learn how to use paper piecing so I could try it out. (that would be a great thing to add to your site, by the way, or at least a link to your favorite *intro to paper-piecing*) I am SUPER-excited about my first attempts, and am looking forward to the other pieces coming out. I am hoping to complete this by Christmas, so PLEASE keep them coming. :) Great work!

    1. That's great that you are starting to paper piecing!! There are tons of resources for how to start...
      For example, you can find a list with some links on Fandom In Stitches ( which is one of my favorite place for fun paper piecing patterns ;) .
      But actually what I did when I started, was to go on YouTube and type "paper piecing tutorial" and toooons of videos appeared... so you can learn from there!! Some of my favorites are from the "Quilty" channel... she is so super-fun to watch... and really helpful...
      BTW, if you want some other personal tips, just drop me an email (my address is in all the patterns)... I will be glad to help!!

  6. are blocks 13, 15, 17, and 18 no longer available? I just found the patterns and love them.

    1. They has not been released yet... I was planning to prepare them but then craziness-for-christmas-preparation came so I didn't have time!! I will try to release them in the next couple of weeks... hopefully :)
      Thanks for the nice comment!!

  7. I can't wait to start this quilt. It is truly amazing. Our quilting group is going on our quilt shop hop this weekend and I am super excited to start picking out fabric and beging working on these beautiful blocks. My goal is to have the quilt done by august. I can't wait to start sewing and will definately share pictures as soon as I have the first block done. Thanks again for the amazing patterns I just wish I had that kind of talent.

    1. Thank you for stopping by and letting me know!! I am super excited to see your blocks!!
      If you have any question/problem please do not hesitate to contact me. My email address is in all my patterns.
      Happy shop hop and happy sewing!!! :)

  8. LOVE your work! Can't wait to get started on the Sword in the Stone for my grandson - though I have to finish Lord of the Rings for my son, first :) Have you ever thought of doing Sleeping Beauty? It would be very timely, with the "Maleficent" movie coming out at the end of this month. That's one of my favorites, and I would LOVE to do one for my granddaughter. Ah, well, I do have 1,000 or so (haha) quilt blocks to do before I could get to that already! :) Thank you for the effort you put into all of this, it's so fantastic, and much appreciated :)

    1. Thanks for the nice comment Diane... it looks that you will pretty busy for a while with all those quilts for your family!! :)
      I don't plan to do Sleeping Beauty for now but Michelle ( has a pattern for Aurora and her prince in the Disney movie page! It's not a full quilt but it's a start!

    2. Woot woot I see your Maleficent!!!!!!!!!!! I'm going to test it ASAP - I just MUST see how it looks :D So excited!!!! :D <3 :D

    3. Hi Diane! Yes, I did it after I saw the poster with Angelina! Glad you found it!
      I would love to see a picture of the finished block once you test it! (my email is in the pattern).

    4. I'll send it as soon as I'm done. Unfortunately, I'm in pain today sooooo I likely won't be able to begin until tomorrow :( But I will send it ASAP! Have you seen the trailer for Maleficent? Absolutely haunting...!


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