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My Sampler Journey

The Splendid Sampler

Since my journey for this sampler is very unique, I decided to document it in a single page.
You will find the pictures of my blocks as well as links to post where I share more information (if needed).

For information about the QAL please refer to the link at the top of the page.
Patterns are free for a while, but read all the info at
This fantastic sampler is designed by Pat Sloan and Jane Davidson.

I decided to follow my own path.
I will make all the fabric block with selvages on black background!
I will also make additional tapestry crochet versions of each design, using two colors (and switching their position).

Below you find my progress (in reverse order... so you can see the most recent at the top)!


(top) Blocks 44,  63, 77
(bottom) Blocks 43, 60, 52

Block 42

Bonus block 2

Block 31

Block 41

Block 35

Block 36

Block 25

Block 14, 27 and 26

Block 22 and 32 (why just limiting myself to selvages? I can mix up some fun batiks too)

Block 12 (weaving strips instead of piecing them, so fun)

Block 29, 28 and 33

Block 11, 20 and 21

Too many projects already to juggle :)

Block 15 and Block 16 (no crochet version)

Block 9 (no crochet version)
Block 8

First 7 blocks (plus initial bonus block) - Challenge 1

Block 7 (no crochet version)

Block 6 (no crochet version)

Block 5

Block 4
No crochet version because the design doesn't 
translate well to tapestry crochet :)

Block 3

Block 2 (and beginning of Block 3)
I won't make the crochet version of Block 2 because small triangles
don't come out too well with tapestry crochet :)

Block 1

Bonus block


  1. I'll send you some! I've been collecting them for awhile now. My wonderful friends save them for me too. I've covered an office chair with selvedge fabric and a Kindle cover. So fun and so cute.

    1. That's so nice of you Carol! However you are a no-reply blogger so I cannot write you an email! Please share your email address or send me an email at tweloq(at)gmail(dot)com. I am sure your office chair and kindle cover turned out wonderful! I made some zipper pouches myself, before knowing that I would need selvages for this sampler :)

  2. Alida,

    I hoard those darn selvages... In fact, I often cut them off before I store my fabric ....which I've found is a terrible thing to do when you need to know by whom the fabric was made. I realized this when I was entering a Michael Miller competition....and I know I own lots of their fabric but had a bear of a time identifying it.. Good luck!

    1. Ah ah, that is funny and it makes sense :) I never thought about that. I usually don't take part into specific designers competitions so I never experienced that, but it's good to remember it for the future. Sorry I couldn't reply to you directly, but you are a no-reply blogger :(
      Thanks for stopping by and for taking the time to share your experience :)

  3. Hey. I love your blog. I recently started collecting selvedge strips, so far I made one pillow with mine. There is a pic on my blog. ...I betcha there will be a block on the splendid sampler using them.

  4. I like what you did with your selvages. I haven't seen very many selvage projects that I liked, but these are cute.

  5. Hi there, I clicked on your Lots of Love block, thinking to myself 'I need to see the crazy person who is doing this sampler with self-edges!' and once here I find that you're also doing crochet version!?! You are one creative lady. I will mail you to work out a swap for some self-edges, that way I can be a little part of this crazy creative adventure, too! Good luck with the project! I think the black is a perfect background choice, by the way, all your blocks so far look great, though it can't be easy to work with the extra bulk of the 'self-edge fabric'. Keep going!

    1. Crazy, that's me! that's the best compliment that someone can make me :)
      I will try to get in touch with you following the blogger link, but your email didn't come through with the comment (no-reply blogger issue) :(
      Thanks for your support and kind comment!!

  6. These are just so awesome!!! Love that you are crocheting them as well. so fun!!!

  7. New to quilting. - Never thought of what one could do with block 1... All my granddaughter dresses selvages are gone But new collection will begin - nice up cycle!

  8. Alida,
    Your blocks are so cute! Got your pkg today. Awesome....thanks. If you need more selvedges let me know, I've got a million of 'em.

  9. Super cute! Love that your theme is selvedges. If I come across any lying around Hobbies Up To Here, I'll make sure to send it to you!


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