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Sunday, September 23, 2018

More mindful living (?)

Hello hello! Long time no see... well, long time no post! :)

I haven't being sewing this summer so I didn't have much to share... but now I started sewing again, and I have several plans for the months ahead so probably you will read more about me from now!!

First, let me start with some updates on sewing projects, followed by some life reflections :) I would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions, so if you feel in the mood, leave me a comment so we can interact!!

--1-- Art with Fabric blog hop (Fall 2018)

It's back! From November 5th, every day few inspiring artists will share a piece inspired by an art piece featuring their favorite color! This is the current line up, so make sure to be on the look out for some amazingly creative pieces!!

Monday, November 5th, 2018

Tuesday, November 6th, 2018
Lee Anna:

Wednesday, November 7th, 2018

Thursday, November 8th, 2018

Friday, November 9th, 2018

--2-- Finished projects

Assembled blocks: I had the quarters pieces ready to be assembled so these were fast to complete!

Rainbow cascade blocks, designed by Jennifer, each 10'' x 10''

--3-- Mindful living?

A couple of months ago, I caught a mild head cold... and one time I was blowing my nose in a tissue and I suddenly had a thought: "Why am I doing this?"
This may seem a weird question... but it is changing the way I do everything in life :)
First of all, I ask the same question putting emphasis on a different part of the question... in specific:
- WHY am I doing this? ... well in that situation, I had stuff in my nose and I was trying to breathe better, so that was an easy "why" to find :)
- why am I DOING this? ... let's really think about what I was doing... in details I took a paper tissue from a box that I purchased a while ago, I used it to clean my nose once, bunched up the tissue and threw it in the trash, where it will be taken out in a plastic bag by a person, then on a truck, then on another truck, etc... I guess you can see where this is going :)
- why am I doing THIS? ... like: have I considered all the alternatives to the actions that fulfill my why? Or am I going around the world just mindlessly doing random actions? If you are reading this, you may now that I am a quilter... I have fabric... so have I considered alternatives that are totally more accessible and better for me??
- why am "I" doing this? ... like: of course if I have a serious illness and I don't want to reuse a fabric handkerchief that's fine... but I have a strong immune system for now, and cleaning my nose in a fabric handkerchief is not much of a big deal for me! I have done it for 90% of my life...

It's even more absurd to think that I use paper napkins to clean my mouth from food traces! Seriously?!?! I am not that bad at eating... some grease on my lips can be cleaned with a fabric napkin, reused several times and then washed with all the rest of my laundry! I was used to do all this when I was in Italy, why did I become such a wasteful and disposable-prone person??!? In my view, there is nothing wrong in using disposable things when you have to, like in hospitals, or if you have a disability or impairment (temporary or permanent), or if there is no alternative... but in the past years, I have been just so mindlessly guided by the consumerism and disposable environment around me, that I am shocked!!

I have stopped buying fabric, subscribing to many memberships boxes and used crochet make up remover cloths from the beginning of the year, but now I am trying to be even more conscious about all the small and big decisions I make every day! So I am on a mission of using up my stash of cotton, cloths and other materials around my home to make cloth feminine pads, fabric napkins, fabric tissues and other less disposable options for everyday tasks (like reusable bottles, etc).

I will keep buying things that I need (and fabric will be one of the purchase I will make, of course), but I will just try to be more mindful and only buy when I cannot reuse or upcycle something that I already have! Creative thinking is one of the things that I enjoy the most, and to me finding ways to use something that I already have it's so satisfying!

So have you ever had a similar experience? Do you see things happening around you that you used to do and now you change your way of approaching the world to be more mindful and thoughtful about what surrounds you? If so I would love to read it!!

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Quilters Meet & Greet

Few months ago Benita @ invited me to join this fun Meet & Greet blog hop, so
HELLO, I am so happy you are here!!

Make sure to visit the other participants (links below)!

If you are new to my blog, WELCOME, in this post you will know a little bit more about me!! ;)
If you are returning visitor, THANKS for your support, as I haven't been posting much lately, but hopefully I will get back into sewing and sharing from now on!!

But enough rambling, let me summarize my take on quilting/blogging:

  • I am a computer science researcher that in 2012 discovered the great world of sewing... never touched a sewing machine before December 2012...
  • I am not a "traditional" quilter (nor a traditional person, I believe), but I am probably not a "modern quilter" in the "traditional" way either... I am just a person that likes creating things with fabric, and I don't like labels :) :)
  • Over the years, I have been passionate about all kinds of techniques, but mostly obsessed with Foundation Paper Piecing. But again, not "traditional stars/compass" PP blocks... but fun FANDOM blocks (see below if you don't know what I am talking about)
  • I cannot work on one project alone, I must have multiple projects going on at the same time... possibly at different stages and with different techniques (embroidery, chain piecing, PP, BOM, ...) because if I don't have variety I get bored and then nothing get finished
  • In my time as blogger, I have participated to several BOM, challenges, Blog Hops, etc. The most recent ones are the Art with Fabric Blog Hop (which I host twice a year), the Teal Mini Swap (hosted by Beth, to raise funds and awareness for ovarian cancer), and 70273 project (hosted by Jeanne, to commemorate 70,273 physically and mentally disabled people murdered by Nazi)
  • I moderate comments to avoid spam, so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE comment on my post, I love to hear from you but don't worry if it does not get published immediately :)
  • I like lists and bullet points ;)

Some of my completed quilts

I am fan of many things (from books to tv series) and my passion for quilting was born when I found the amazing "Fandom In Stitches" website! After a couple of blocks made from there I started designing my own quilt (note: I had never touched a sewing machine before, and I managed to make pretty "complex" paper piecing blocks... so FPP is NOT hard, you just have to find blocks that you are passionate about!)
This is my first quilt (ever... and it is stitched and designed by me), inspired by my all time favorite Disney movie "The Sword in the Stone"
More pictures and all the blocks patterns are available on this page.

One more recent Fandom quilt is my version of a fun QAL that was hosted on Fandom in Stitches a while ago. I added few blocks I designed, and I set the blocks in a fun layout, to form a quilt on a quilt :) The binding is a fun two colors binding, following Susan's tutorial
After washing it, the quilt is sooooo soft and scrunchy because I have high loft batting!!!

Even if my blog is called "Tweety Loves Quilting" I actually don't like the quilting part of the process :) so I have many big projects in unfinished stage, but I also like to create small finished decorative mini quilts, here two most notable projects.

"Vincent", created for Tiny Quilt Challenge (2017)

Inspired by Van Gogh's "The Starry Night" and the amazing work of Adam Lister ( Raw edge applique and thread painting were used to reproduce the rough and irregular look of the original impressionistic painting. The irregular edges of the different pieces, combined with the irregular crossing of the quilting makes the piece really "impressionist". I didn't want to add any distraction with the binding, so I used a pillow case method to finish it.
And this mini WAS ACCEPTED in the 40 (out of 230 submitted) minis for the Road to California exhibit!!

Inspired by the amazing work of James Luke Burke (JLBCreativeCo) and created for the Cherrywood Prince Challenge. Again raw edge applique and some interesting quilting/thread sketching for texture and fun.
This mini was NOT accepted for the exhibit :( :(  I thought it was a clever design for the theme of honoring Prince's iconic look with the interpretation of James's original drawing oh well, if you don't try you will never succeed, right? 
What I don't like about these kind of challenges is that I don't get any feedback from the judges... I guess that one would learn how to improve if you enter enough contests and exhibits, but this is not my main job so I guess that just keep making small things for fun is a better use of my creative energy ;)

Work in progress

Few big projects that are in the "I finished the blocks but I don't want to quilt them" stage :)

My version of the The Splendid Sampler (with some fun postage stamps filler blocks)

The QAL I run on my other website in 2017: some of these blocks have actually some sashing attached, but I stored them away in some box and didn't compled it yet...

20 of the 22, 12''x12'' blocks of the 2017 Growing up QAL event I hosted...

and the QAL I am currently running (Starry Bright Sky QAL, 2018)
16 of the 22 12''x12'' blocks of the 2018 Starry Bright Sky QAL event I am still running...


and now that you know everything about me... go and meet other inspiring quilters and don't forget to enter Benita's giveaway for the chance to win amazing prizes (follow the links for details and instructions).