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Hello Block Swap

The basic idea for the swap is that I pair you with a different partner every month. You select the block that you want to receive and you make the block that your partner selects (following her/his color request, instructions, etc). 

Easy peasy! ONE 12'' BLOCK A MONTH!

Have you heard about Ello? It is basically Instagram without ads, no weird algorithm to show you only what they want you to see, no selling data, and it is for creative artists! :)

It is a relatively new platform, so it has some issues (not too fast because it is still in beta but it's getting better, the signup is easy but if you don't pay attention the default groups that you are "following" may not be the ones you want, etc). If you want to join, it is free and there is a fast-growing quilting community. For helpful tips and finding your quilting tribe, you can read what the coordinator of the account @elloquilt says!

My handle is @alida-tweloq and to bring the community together I decided to coordinate a Block Swap!

Due to the lack of interested people, 
the block swap has been discontinued.

I highly recommend to have an Ello account, as I plan to post reminders, pictures of blocks, etc over there!

Check out what we have been swapping for the last few months!

Just as an example...
These are the blocks I requested and I tested myself!

And here are the patterns/instructions with my tips and ideas!

I am looking forward to have fun with this swap! 
The swap started in May 2016, but you can join any time!!

1 comment:

  1. I'd love to join,definitely need some guidance on this.
    Deb H


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