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Monday, December 23, 2013

Tea Towel Challenge and Paper Piecing Vintage BOM

I decided to fuse two different QALs and design this wall hanging:

This is my initial layout, but I am not sure if it is going to be the final one too. :)

I will start working from the tea towel (center) out and see how it looks in fabric.
It's still very hard for me to see how things are going to look from a drawing on the computer...
Probably the Greek border (top/bottom) will be smaller and thinner than the one shown above... but for now I will leave it like that.
The little motifs on the side of the central image are paper piecing reproduction of the motif that is in the lower band of the tea towel. I designed those little motifs myself. All the other blocks are part of the Paper Piecing Vintage BOM by Jennifer. I just mixed the colors and duplicated the blocks few times. Each block will be 6''. A couple of blocks from the BOM are missing because I couldn't visualize them in my layout. They will be probably included in the back.

Do you have any comment about my layout? Anything that you would change?
I will make each block scrappy, but I hope to be able to keep the white/blue/aqua palette of that layout because I really like the combination.

Now I hope to be able to finish the center of the wall-hanging before the year ends, so that I will be ready to add the blocks for the BOM as soon as they are released!!

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Celtic Solstice, part 2 & 4 and past Block Swap

I was able to catch up with the part 2 (chevron) and finish also part 4 (four patches) before Christmas!!
Here they are...

I obviously didn't follow the instructions for the chevron :) I made my paper piecing patterns and use them to assemble the block... much much simpler!!
For the four patch I had to be pretty precise in the quarter inch seam... but I think that I pulled it off for most of them!!
If you want to check everyone progress in the challenge, click HERE.

And in the past months I forgot to share with you the blocks that I sent to my partners for the Block Swap.
Agnes asked some traditional block (not stars) and I made here the Beggar's Blocks and the Storm at Sea

And Linda asked for a log cabin with greens or purples. These are the blocks I sent her:

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Celtic Solstice Mystery, part 3

I am done with step 3 of Celtic Solstice Mystery QAL.
This time was Half Square Triangles (!!happy!!) and pinwheels (!!not-so-happy!!).

I would have never thought I could say this... but I love HST!! :)

I was used to hate them... but then I came across 2 wonderful things:

  1. Melissa's tutorial for HST, during the Star Surround QAL (post here), that taught me how to cut the initial squares bigger than the final size of the HST, sew the squares with possible imperfections and still trim them to perfection!!!
  2. My Secret Santa sent me the "Clover Finger Press" tool... when I saw it I thought "ok, nice, but probably will be another plastic tool that I will use twice and then forget in my drawers"... wrong!!! that's the most AMAZING TOOL that has ever been invented :) it's just perfect for my style of sewing... I am not very happy when I have to go to the ironing board to press seams... and it's a nightmare for me to press the seam open with the iron, I keep burning myself and I get frustrated because I don't have much control on what is happening under the iron... this tool solves all the problems!! you can use it to press the seam right where you sew... and if you press it from one side it takes like 1 second to have a perfectly pressed seam... if you press it open it takes probably 2.5 seconds to get a perfectly pressed seam, with no burned fingers!! and it is designed to have the perfect handle and the perfect tip to press your seam without too much effort!

So thanks to Melissa and my Secret Santa I got perfect HST!!!
The pinwheels are not as perfect, but they are pretty good :) I still have issues sewing a precise quarter-inch seam all the way... and there is no trimming you can do to the pinwheels to get them to be perfect...

But I really enjoyed this step of the Mystery QAL... I don't know if I have the right amount of pieces because I decided to divide by 4 the small size quilt and 25/4 is not a whole number ;) but still I will add the missing pieces or discard the extra ones once the mystery is revealed!

P.S. If someone is wondering where is the post for the step 2 of the QAL...well... I didn't have the time to tackle that clue yet :) I printed few paper piecing chevrons patterns but I didn't have the time to sew them yet... Christmas presents took over, I guess you all understand! :)

Saturday, December 14, 2013

A winner, a PLEA and 5 new patterns!

Let's start with the plea :)

Please please please...
take 5 minutes of your time to check if you are a no-reply blogger!!
There are tons of tutorial that shows you how to check and how to stop this terrible thing that is preventing you to get new friends, replies to your comments and prizes!!!

A simple step-by-step tutorial can be found HERE:
It has pictures and detailed instructions...
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, do that now!!! It's NOT HARD... :)
I had more than 15 people that commented but because of the no-reply situation didn't have a chance to win.

BTW: many people are no-reply blogger but they connected with me through FB or Google+... so even if I didn't see your email, I tossed your name in the drawing... but just because it's Christmas and I didn't want to sound lazy :) but please, it's very sad when I have a price and no way to contact the winner...

I didn't make you jump through hoops to get in the giveaway, 
so do make ME jump through hoops of fire just to find a way to contact you!!!

So pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease check if you are a no-reply blogger NOW!!

Ok... I assume you checked and you are back because you want to know who is the winner of Sew Mama Sew giveaway... and Mr. Random picked comment number 24

Congratulation Celia! I sent you an email to get you mailing info!
And BTW, thanks everyone for your advises on how to use/store scraps!! I got great ideas!!!

And now, since lately I have been receiving a lot of comments and support for my paper piecing blocks, here 5 new patterns!!

Betty Boop
requested by a Fandom in Stitches fan for a Christmas gift... 
I designed the pattern and she tested it!
Check her amazing work! :)
And you can download the pattern in the Free Patterns page.

Here we are with Block number 15 of the Mystery Quilt: Sir Ector.

You can find the pattern in the Free Patterns section.

Here we are with Block number 16 of the Mystery Quilt: Sir Kay.

You can find the pattern in the Free Patterns section.

Here we are with Block number 17 of the Mystery Quilt: King Arthur.

You can find the pattern in the Free Patterns section.

Here we are with Block number 18 of the Mystery Quilt: The Sword in the Stone.

You can find the pattern in the Free Patterns section.

Have fun, and post a comment below for any question/advice/comment!
And if you tried any of the blocks, please please please please send me a picture of the block or publish the picture on the FiS Flickr Group (or both of them :) ). I would love to see your work!!

And with today's blocks, I shared with you all the blocks of my Sword in the Stone quilt (mystery revealed ;) )!!
In the Disney Quilt page you can see how I put together the blocks... don't ask me how I did it :) I don't have any measurement or instructions... I just put a wide sashing to each block and then I put them on the floor, turned them a little to get the wonky look and then sew together the different sections... I guess there are tutorials for that if you need help... I just eyeballed everything :)

Monday, December 9, 2013

Sew Mama Sew Giveaway!!
Hello giveaway hopper!
If you are new here, welcome!!
If you have been here before, I am glad that you came back!!! :)

If you are new here you can read about:
- my Secret Santa Squeeeee at this link
- my Iron Quilter entry (Alice's Game) at this link
- my Alice in Wonderland and Mickey Mouse/Donald Duck free paper piecing pattern at this link
- my Snoopy & Friends, my Sword in the Stone and other patterns in the free patterns page at this link

Feel free to look around :)
But let's get down to the giveaway business :)
Here are some 2 fat quarter, 2 fat eight and some embroidery floss!!
(sorry for the blurry picture, but I couldn't get anything better last night :) )

Rules are simple (GIVEAWAY IS CLOSED! winner is Celia, comment 24):
  • leave a comment below answering some simple questions:
    what is your favorite project to use scraps? And how do you store scraps? :)
  • for an extra entry, follow me through blogger or bloglovin (buttons in the side bar), or become a friend on Facebook, or follow me on Pinterest ( ... or contact me on FB and add a second comment below to tell me how you follow! (new followers are welcome! and if you are already following, just let me know how!!)

Important notes:
  • the giveaway will close on December 13 at (5 p.m. PST), and winner will be announced by email no later than Sunday, December 15.
  • this giveaway is open to anyone (US and non-US)
  • comments are going to be moderated, so they will not be published immediately. But in 24h I promise that I will approve all the comments that are not spam :)
  • if you are a no-reply blogger, please leave your email in the comment because I will NOT publish comments by no-reply bloggers without the email (I need a way to contact you if you win). If you are worried about spam, just type your email like "tweloq [space] at [space] gmail [dot] com" or similar :)
  • !!! IMPORTANT !!! During the last giveaway I received at least 15 comments from no-reply bloggers and didn't to add them in the drawing (even if I appreciate the comment, I need a way to contact you if you win). So if you don't receive an email from me answering your comment, come back and put another comment with your email!!!

Saturday, December 7, 2013


Yesterday night I came home from a long day (week) at work and I found a huge box waiting for me
From Santa Express
**Disclaimer***: this post is full of Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee... I cannot stop squeeeeeeeeeeeing so get used to that.... Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

I opened it and I kept digging and digging... and here a package and then another package and then another package...

And when I unwrapped everything the wonderful presents covered my entire cutting mat!!!
Soooooooooooo many wonderful things!!!

In details:

For my home: 
note pads (the one with the cat says: "Get this done RIGHT MEOW... I'm not kitten" :) :) how cool is that??!?), kitchen towels, an oven mitt (actually an owl mitt!! :) ), a magnet and a owl jar (I think Santa made that for me!! It looks perfect, but I think the cover is handmade for me :) )

For my pleasure: 
chocolate, candies, soft socks (loooove the color and the stripes!!!), a little pouch (owl wonderful is that??) and a maaaaaaaaad mug... alice in wonderland!! Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

The mug is wooooooooonderful... it's my favorite mug now... I am using it every time I drink my coffee (ok, it's Alice's tea party... but I am a coffee-addicted, not tea-addicted, but I guess it's ok)
Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

For my crafty life: 
pins, needles, rotary cutter blade, small square ruler, colorful threads, a thing to press the seams (it's already in use, so I don't have the package and I don't know the proper name :)) Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
A bag full of the best lollipop ever: Stash suckers :)
Isn't that an insaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaane package from Santa????
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Santa!!!!
You picked so many perfect  gifts for me!!!! Have you been reading my blog??? ;)

And I also want to thank Suzanne (@coloradolady) for organizing such an amaaaaaazing event...
Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

(P.S. The same night I received this box, I also got a bag of scraps that I bought on ebay... more fabric to squeeeeeeeee about ;) )

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Celtic Solstice (part1) and TTC14 and PPV14

Because I cannot follow some simple guidelines... :) :)

I started the Celtic Solstice Mystery from Bonnie Hunter.
But following guidelines it's just not my style!! :)
So first of all, I decided to do the small version/4 because I don't want to buy too much fabric and I want to see the mystery before deciding if I want to do the small quilt or something smaller.

Then I hate triangles, so how did I do the first step which was triangles-in-a-square? Paper piecing obviously :) I draw my triangles-in-a-square on graph paper and then sew on them. No triangles to precut, no dog ears to match or not match, no scant quarter inch seam, no seams to rip... just sew on the line and get perfect (or pretty good) triangles! And I left the paper behind them so that they have an added stability until they will be in the final layout!!
(Chesire Cat is there to remind you to like my project for the Iron Quilter 2 (Alice's Game) on Facebook...

Then I decided to fuse two other events starting in 2014 and make a single project out of the two.
For the Tea Towel Challenge 2014 I picked the following tea towel to be the center of my wall-hanging (probably... maybe quilt? I don't know, we'll see where the project will bring me).

And since for the Paper Piecing Vintage 2014 I picked white and blue as colors as well, I decided to put some of those blocks around the Tea Towel!! Plus some more elements that I still have to design myself :)

I will use half of the tea towel because the other half is completely white... but that part will be used in the paper-piecing part so nothing will be wasted! :)

This is going to be a big challenge for me because I don't like to work with white.
But I choose it on purpose to push my boundaries! :)

I am very excited about these events!
Let's see if I will be able to keep up with the deadlines... if not that's life!

And again, please please please, like my project for the Iron Quilter 2 on Facebook...
And +1 it on Google plus following this link!!

Monday, December 2, 2013

Iron Quilter 2 - Alice's Game

Finally my project for Iron Quilter 2 contest @ Missouri Star Quilt Co. can be revealed!!



It's called Alice's Game and the story behind the quilt is the following.

When I read that the challenge was to use some charm-packs a chessboard design was the first that came to my mind.

Then I remember that the book "Through the Looking Glass" (which is the second book of Alice in Wonderland) by Lewis Carroll starts with a chess-game.

Then I remember that the wonderful Jennifer @ Sewhooked had a pattern on Craftsy called "A friendly game" that consist of all the chess pieces, with paper piecing!! And they where almost the same size as the charms...

So basically squares + PP chess pieces + Alice obsession = Alice's Game!!

Note that I didn't even check which kind of fabric I had to use :)
I just bought 3 charm-packs and waited for them to arrive.
Then when I tried to put together the chess-board I realized that some of the prints where not very "chessboard-like"... some of them where kind of almost light enough to be in the board... but not quite... so what to do? I didn't want to buy fabric for this project... so you know what I did? I turn them on the wrong side! :) in this way they where still blending gracefully with the rest of the charms, but they were lighter so more suitable for a chessboard :) :)
Some other colors/prints made it to the border... and some made it to the back :)

Also the back was totally unplanned.

The left-over blocks were flowers and greens... so I though I could put together a simple "garden-like" back.
But then I had two or three half blocks of pinks and purples... and they just screamed at me "Chesire cat!!" And from there it was just a matter of collecting other scraps from the charm-packs, adding the brown, and I got the back!!
I don't even know if I like the front or the back more... I think that the quilt has two fronts :) :)

BTW: this is what is left from 3 charm-packs... I really really used the fabric that was chosen for the challenge :)

Vote for me!! Please Please Please!!! :) :)
To vote you just need to +1 me following THIS LINK on Google+,
and/or LIKE my project on FB forllowing THIS OTHER LINK :)
The 25 projects with the most votes will go on to the final round of voting. You can like more than one project... but please please please, can you like mine too? :)

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Amelia - Magica De Spell

Finally I had some time to test one of my Topolino patterns.
The untested pattern had some mistakes, that has been fixed in the version available now.

Note some wonderful scraps I used for the wall (spiderwebs), her dress (magical and perfect) and the cauldron (green and poisonous). I got those from Jennifer and as soon as I saw them I knew that they were for Magica's block!
And the green fabric was just a long green 1'' strip, but I needed bigger pieces for my pattern so I sew them together and hoped that they would be enough to cover the entire shape... and they were!! :) so happy about that!! And also the fabric for the dress is soooo perfect.

The pattern is available in the Quilt&Stitch-TestAlong page.
Go there and check more of Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse and Alice in Wonderland patterns!!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Winning numbers!

Last couple of weeks were absolutely crazy for me... look at the numbers:
168blogs in the Quilting Gallery, Blog hop with Giveaways: visited ALL and commented on most of them
1 (!!!)giveaway woooooon!!! :) @Qreative Quilts
54followers on GFC
19followers on Bloglovin'
27followers on Pinterest
13followers on Craftsy
4new Quilt-A-Long or similar on my 2014 list (more info on those to come)
93comments on my Giveaway post
11comments of no-reply-blogger that I didn't put in the drawing! sorry guys but I told you to leave me your address!!
44comments on my Black Tie Boogie blog hop post 
5 (!!!)pillows completed for my list of Christmas presents!!!
1wall-hanging for my Secret Santa Swap completed
1000000inspiring new blogs to follow :)

Sorry if I didn't reply to all the Black Tie Boogie nice comments!!
But I replied to all the comments for the giveaway and I got kind of burned out in writing emails!! :)
But I love all your nice comments!!

And now some good news and some "bad" news...
The good news:

The lucky number for my Blog Hop Party with Giveaways is: 53!
Sandy @ Kids and Sewing!
I will contact you soon to get your mailing address!

But I also had a Quilt&Stitch-Test-Along giveaway going on... and the winner for that is:
I will contact you soon to get your mailing address!

The "bad" news:
Even if I like to give away things, I realized that for my Quilt&Stitch-Test-Along nobody entered an actual tested project yet :( :( :(
so I am going to revise the rules for the last final giveaway.
Originally it was scheduled on Dec 14th, because I wanted to send it to the winner before Christmas, but since there are too few new entries (and none of them are actual tested blocks, but comments/share instead), I will move the deadline for the final drawing to February 1st, 2014, to give you all (and me too) the time to actually realize some of the blocks.

If you are in US: Happy Thanksgiving break!!
If you are not in US: Happy Week anyway :)

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Hokie-Dokey - Black Tie Boogie, blog hop!

Welcome hoppers!!
If you are looking for the Blog Hop party with Giveaway post, check here!
If you are here for the Black Tie Boogie bloghop, here it is!!!!

Are you wondering what is a Hokie?? I am!! :)

Ok, maybe not anyone can understand this answer... so let's quote Wikipedia "The HokieBird is the official mascot of Virginia Tech. It has been named as one of the top college football mascots in the United States"... and guess what... it's a turkey-like figure :)

So for this Blog Hop, I knew that I had to do something Hokie-related... and recently I found out the tutorial for a cute Owl Sewing Cuddy... so starting from these two ideas...

... I designed and realized my my new best friend... let me introduce you: Hokie-dokey!

He is a cute helper, that always knows where my seam-ripper, scissors and pens are!
He is taking good care of them!!
And he doesn't mind if I put the needle that I am working with in his beak...
He told me "no problem, it's hokie-dokey" :)

I put together a little tutorial (my tutorial is available here and the pattern pieces here).
It is based on this tutorial for the owl sewing buddy... but I changed both the pattern and many intermediate steps (because I didn't have the supplies, I used different techniques to obtain similar results). I also added a little loop at the top of his head because I don't know about you, but I have very limited horizontal-flat-open space in my sewing room (also known as living-room :) ) so I had to find a way to hang my helper in a place where it's not in my way when I sew/cut... and for me that perfect space is under the ironing board :) so he is now flying too! :)

If you like this little helper, give it a try... it's a really easy and quick project (if you follow my instructions and learn from my mistakes ;) )
And if you realize one of those sewing buddy I would looooove to see it so, please, email me!!!

If you like my project, leave a comment below...
... and if you want to connect with me, follow my blog with Google friend or Bloglovin' (side bar)...
... or contact me on FB

... or follow me on Pinterest (
... I would love to get in contact with many of you!!
If you are new to my blog, take a look around!! There are many free paper piecing patterns (Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Alice in Wonderland, Snoopy and friends and much more) and there are QuiltAlongs with giveaways!!!

And now go and check all the other great projects of the blog-hop!!
Happy hopping from myself and from Hokie-Dokey! :)

November 26

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Blog Hop Party with Giveaways!

Welcome hoppers!
If it's your first time here, nice to meet you! :)
If you are already a follower, welcome back!! :)

I hope you enjoy this great Blog Hop Party at Quilting Gallery as much as I do!!

If you are new to my blog, take a look around!! There are many free paper piecing patterns (Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Alice in Wonderland, Snoopy and friends and much more) and there are QuiltAlongs with giveaways!!! (many giveaways are better than one ;) )

But for todays Blog Hop Party I am offering this for a lucky reader:

The pincushion is my first experiment of these kind of objects!
I got the pattern in the Travelling Stash (pattern from Amy Bradley) and I thought it was super cute!
It's not perfect, but I think she will be happy to help you with your pins in your home! :) :)

Do you want a chance to win the Miss Pinny Pincushion and the other things in the picture?

Rules are simple:
  1. leave a comment below answering one simple questions: what is your favorite cartoon character? or favorite animation movie from when you were a kid (or also today)? :)
  2. for an extra entry, follow me through blogger (Google Friend button in the side bar), or become a friend on Facebook, or follow me on Pinterest ( ... or contact me on FB and add a comment below to tell me how you follow!

Important notes:
  • this giveaway is open to readers in US only (sorry about that). But if you want to follow me anyway to be updated on my future pattern release, please do that!! And you can leave a comment below too if you want, just tell me that you are not in US so I won't use your comment in the drawing!
  • comments are going to be moderated, so they will not be published immediately. But in 24h I promise that I will approve all the comments that are not spam :)
  • if you are a no-reply blogger, please leave your email in the comment because I will NOT publish comments by no-reply bloggers without the email (I need a way to contact you if you win). If you are worried about spam, just type your email like "tweloq [space] at [space] gmail [dot] com" or similar :)
    !!! IMPORTANT !!!
    I received at least 4 comments from no-reply bloggers and I am not going to add them in the drawing (even if I appreciate the comment, I need a way to contact you if you win).
    So if you don't receive an email from me answering your comment, come back and put another comment with your email!!!  
  • I will select a winner at random on November 27th, 12.01 pm EST and I will contact the winner directly through email. But come back on November 26th because that's my day for the Black Tie Boogie Blog Hop!! :)

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Some secrets are revealed!

I am involved in sooo many different activities this month that I am kind of overwhelmed.
But I am trying to keep up with everything, so here are few reveals for things that you are going to see soon around here:

-- 1 --

Come back tomorrow for a fun giveaway!!

-- 2 --

As You Wish Designer photo aywdesignerbadge_zps2d76c5ef.jpg

I am a designer in this fun Fandom In Stitches project!!
True Love and fantastic new patterns? As you wish. Isn't that Inconceivable??? :)
Stay tuned for more details!!

-- 3 --

The Black Tie Boogie Blog hop is up and running!

My day is Nov 26th, so come back and check it out.
There is going to be a fun free pattern available for you!!

-- 4 --

I submitted my Alice's Secret project to the

It's a fun competition at Missouri Start Quilt Company.
I am sooooo excited. :) :) :)
The voting will start on Dec 1st on Facebook, so be sure to be my friend there because I will need your help ;).
I will share here also some behind-the-scene stories once the competition is up.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Disney Mystery Quilt, block 14 and much more!!


Here we are with Block number 14 of the Mystery Quilt: Wizard's Duel.

You can find the pattern in the Free Patterns section.

Have fun, and post a comment below for any question/advice/comment!
And if you tried any of the blocks, please leave me a comment below, or send me a picture of the block or publish the block on the FiS Flickr Group (or all of them :) ). I would love to see your work!!

Few updates from my week and weekend:
  • Secret Project 1 (Black Tie Boogie Blog Hop) -- my post is ready scheduled to appear on Nov 26th... but the blog hop will start tomorrow!! I will post about it every day so you can see everyone's great projects!!
  • Secret Project 2 (Alice1) -- status: DONE! ready to be submitted (already started using it.... I am very happy about that... and very excited to share it here... wait for Dec 1st and you will be able to see it... squeeeeeeeeee :) )
  • Secret Project 4 (FiS) -- designed and waiting for feedback :)
  • Secret Santa Swap -- shopping done and handmade item designed!
  • Block Swap -- 2 blocks ready to go in the mail tomorrow, pictures here soon!
  • Baby quilt -- Pumpkin (our cat) is using it as her favorite quilt :) but I will send it away in a couple of weeks... and then I will share the pictures here!!
  • Sew Mama Sew, Giveaway day (Dec 9th) -- I want to participate and I need to prepare my handmade present :) ... still nothing done about it...
  • Christmas presents -- 1 pillow done, 9 still to go :) that's going to be my Christmas present for most of my friends :)
Except from that if you want to be updated on my progresses you can become my friend on FB :)
I will need your support/voting for the Secret Project 2 soon... so I will keep bothering you about that :)

And if you become my friend in FB you will also be updated about blog hops and giveaways that I am going to offer soon!!