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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

And the winner is...

ME!! :)

No, I am not going to give myself the prize for my own giveaway, LOL :)
The winner for that is announced at the end of this post... but since we are talking about winners, I feel like a winner when I have the chance to share with you some amazing blocks done by other members of the quilting community using my patterns!
So here is a little show off and a new pattern tested and released!

Kysaundra finished the Sword in the Stone top!! Isn't it wonderful!!??!! so perfectly matching all the colors of the cartoon!! and soon she is going to share with me the quilted finished work so I will share it here with all of you because I am very very excited about this quilt!!! :)

And here a great complete wall hanging by Vivian: isn't it super cute?? Looove it!!

And finally more blocks (some that I shared already, some are new).
Great job ladies!!!! :)

(by Audrey)

(by KellyLea)

(by Diane K.)

(by Inez)

And here is a new pattern (tested)

Tested by Inez, you can find the pattern on my Quilt&StitchAlong page

And since I received some requests for additional Snoopy characters, here they are, ready to be tested!!
They are available on the Untested patterns page

And now... the winner of the MOP Monday, 100 squares giveaway is...

I guess that karma wanted to return the favor (I won one of her giveaway in the past ;) )
Congratulation Kathy!! Your stack of squares will be on its way to you very soon!!
And thanks again to all the people that reach out to me to show that my patterns are used by someone other than myself!!!


  1. Wow! That's fantastic! I so love the S&S quilt. The beach Merlin is perfect. :)

    How about some Scooby Doo??? :D

  2. Yay for more of the Peanuts gang!!

  3. Love your creativity! Great Blocks
    Thanks for linking up with QADesigns

  4. I love the charms thanks so much for them I can't wait to start planning something with them!


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