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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

SYS 2015 - Tutorial 7, Cross Stitch!

Let's give our sewing machine a little summer break!

The seventh tutorial of the series is brought you by the wonderful Lisa (SquirrelyStitcherSuperfunhappystitch).

Isn't this the cutest pincushion you've ever seen???

The pdf (links below) contains detailed instructions on how to create that beautiful piece!!

The link up for SYS2015 is still open for your Syndrome blocks, FPP projects, free motion quilting/tangle stitches pieces, crochet projects, pixel quilts and fabric postcards!

Next week there will be more details on what to link to win our monthly prizes...

And speaking of prizes...

For the third time in there were no new entries since last month, so no winners for my bag of scraps :(
I'm very sad to see that there is not much participation... but I go on and I have high hopes for the future months!! :)

All the information about the series (as well as all the previously published tutorials) will be available at the SYS 2015 page.

If you have any question about the series, don't hesitate to contact me via email or add a comment here on my blog (and if you want an answer, make sure you are not a no-reply blogger!).

So now let's go and Stretch Our Skills!!! :)

Until next time
Happy stitching!!


  1. I've always loved cross stitching.

  2. Awe I feel bad. I had planned to do some participation but I have been super busy. I love the little pin cushion it is cute!

  3. If I work on a different cross stitch project (or go back thru the previous months and do a project with those techniques) will it count for the contest/linky - or do I need to do this particular pattern & pincushion to link back?

    1. For this month the rules (that will be published next week, but this is what they will say ;) ) is that the first entry must be a pincushion (not necessarily with this pattern, we encourage the use of this, but any pattern will do). For an additional entry you can enter any cross stitching project completed since the beginning of August 2015.

      If you want to link projects from previous months, you are more than welcome to and they will count for the new drawing as well. Each month had its own rules for what counts and doesn't, links to all the posts will be provided next week, but you can write me an email for more details!

      Looking forward to see your projects in the linky!!


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