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Friday, November 9, 2018

Art with Fabric blog hop - Fall 2018 - Ultraviolet

To the Moon and Back (20'' x 20'')

As the host of this blog hop, I have decided to share two pieces with you today!
One was created for a different event earlier this year, but it is in my Favorite color (theme for the blog hop) so it still counts ;)

The second one, is not finished, but I hope it's inspiring and interesting anyway! :)

Let's get back to the main theme of the blog hop!!!

My favorite color is...

The art part, comes from the fact that I was inspired by the amazing work of James Luke Burke (JLBCreativeCo) and created for the Cherrywood Prince Challenge
Raw edge applique and some interesting quilting/thread sketching for texture and fun.
This mini was not accepted for the Cherrywood exhibit  :( :(  I thought it was a clever design for the theme of honoring Prince's iconic look with the interpretation of James's original drawing oh well, if you don't try you will never succeed, right? 

Detail to see the texture...

And the fun back! I think this is the best fabric ever designed...
"You've got to be kitten me" :) :)

Inspired by the work of Sol LeWitt (Wall drawing #542 et #462).

And again my favorite color Ultra Violet...

And a theme that is really close to my heart: people, acceptance, diversity, inclusion, human rights.
Do you know which color is composed by mixing Blue and Red? Purple.

This to me represents the harmony between opposite parties and world views... instead of being divisive and aggressive, we could all embrace more purple and be more open and accepting and kind and loving.
Unsurprisingly Violet is also the color of Spirituality. It is the color of people seeking spiritual fulfillment. Purple represents transformation, creativity and spiritual awareness.

And the WIP :)

This piece also allows me to acknowledge the fact that while Purple/Violet is my favorite color, I really love them all!! :)

These are the amazing artists that are featured today with me:


  1. Love your color choice and the kitteh fabric is the bomb! Thank you again for hosting this wonderful event. To many, many more!

  2. Enjoyed this blog hop and all of the inspiration that came with it. Love your post as well....coming together...I will remember purple as just that.

  3. Hi Alida. Both of your pieces are gorgeous. I would have accepted your piece in the Cherrywood exhibit :-) Yeah for the colour of acceptance and spirituality!

  4. Kudos to you for entering a quilt in the Cherrywood Challenge. They fascinate me, but I don't think I could come up with anything. I think both of your quilts look great! Thanks once again for hosting the fun blog hop, Alida!

  5. I love your WIP project! Thanks for sharing and for all of your hard work in coordinating this hop. There has been a wide variety of projects and plenty of inspiration. Blessings! MelvaLovesScraps at nolanqualitycustoms dot com


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