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Saturday, January 24, 2015

A finish, few updates (and a link party)

Getting organized this week, but few finishes and a lot of progress too!!

I decided to put all the projects in my lists. But I know that my "sweet spot" is 6-7 active projects: more and I get into panic for too many things to do, less and I get bored and I don't make progress. So I divided the list into two, so that I can see all my projects but I will mainly work only on the first list :)

The Ongoing List:
  1. Pumpkin's play mat - done!! so happy about the final look!!! (see below)
  2. the SK project - 1 block done (see below)
  3. the Valentine's blocks - designed (cannot share yet)
  4. Tea Towel challenge and PPV BOM - 1 block done (see below)
  5. Black and White pillow - no progress
  6. Secret projects - 2 small blocks done (see below)
The EverythingElse List:
  1. Color of the Year challenge- 36/36 small blocks done, cannot share, 1 big block missing. Moved to the second list the challenge has not been announced yet, so no deadline = no pressure = moved to the other list :)
  2. Animal blocks for charity quilts - Printed next block, picked the fabric
  3. Project of Doom 2015 @ Fandom in Stitches - I will do some blocks here and there, no plans for this
  4. Reversible sewing machine cover - 4/8 blocks done
  5. College Days Blog Hop blocks for tote/grocery bag - 1 block done, no pattern picked for the bag, no idea how many blocks I will need
  6. Alice in Wonderland quilt - 6/15 blocks done
  7. As You Wish - 8/16 blocks done
  8. Happy Halloween wall hanging - 13/32 blocks done
  9. Crazy optical illusion - 1 "row" done
  10. D wall hanging - collected some fabric and some ideas
  11. B quilt - to be designed
Let's start with some updates that are not from me :)
First, I received my blocks from Kerry, my January partner in the Block Swap Adventure. The blocks are amazing... plus I got some extra Aussie goodies that I absolutely love!! Aren't Australians just the best??

Second, a lovely lady (Mary @ tested not one but TWO of my Peanuts patterns!!

I designed Peppermint Patty recently because Bea asked me some additional patterns for her Peanuts QAL. Peppermint Patty is the block for the second month, but Mary worked ahead :) she is so ahead that she asked me if I could make a Pigpen pattern because her grandkids love him... could I say no to that? Of course not :) so now both patterns have been tested and they are available in my Free patterns page.

This was a very challenging project... challenging just because my sewing helper (and recipient of the final product) couldn't really stay away. You can see below how she was "helping" with the binding ;)

Pumpkin's Playmat!

The story of this project the following: last December I made a quilt for my mom where I used a Mickey Mouse sheet set as background (the white fabric in the center of the mat above) and every single time I put the quilt on the floor, in about 2 milliseconds Pumpkin started jumping on the fabric, playing around, throwing her toys there, etc... so from this I realized that she really liked that fabric ;)
After the quilt was done (and left our home) I didn't want her to be sad :) so I took the few leftover strips, I sew them together, added a black border, a fun Mickey Mouse print (because this playmat is going to be our living room carpet so I wanted to be fun and cute for us too), added the red binding with the polka dots and that's it!! The mat is ready to be used and enjoyed! It's not perfect (especially because I didn't want to quilt it that much since I think she really like the softness and looseness of the fabric and I didn't want to lose that with the quilting). So there are wrinkles and imperfections... but she has been spending pretty much every moment in the living room on it, so I think it's fine!!

I am still working on secret projects (that I cannot share), but these few "additional" blocks can be shared since they are not going to reveal too much :)

I also made an extra block for my PPV wall hanging. 2 blocks are left from the BOM and then just two borders and I will be done!

And finally another block for my SK project is ready.
Opening line of "The Tommyknockers"

You can find the pattern on my The SK Project page.
And now what are YOU going to link?


  1. Those Peanut blocks are so very cute. Great job on accomplishing so much.

  2. Cute blocks, very creative!

    I'm running a fabric giveaway, enter to win fabrics from Fat Quarter Shop!

  3. Your cat looks so happy on her quilt! That's so sweet! And your peanuts characters are adorable! Great job!

  4. Those blue and white blocks are striking. I can't wait to see how they'll look worked up into a top.

  5. Love that you made a quilt for Pumpkin. What a lucky kitty.

  6. cool stuff girl! LeeAnna at not afraid of color

  7. Love love love your blue & white block!

  8. The Peanut blocks are gorgeous, so many talented gals out there :) One happy kitty who is a natural in front of the camera hahahahaha. Cant wait to see the secret project reveal :) And yep, Aussies are pretty great, no argument from me on that one ;)

  9. Love the Peanut blocks!!! Have put them on my never ending To Do list. Stopping by from Let's Bee Social.

  10. Oh my goodness - I have seen some of your wonderful work on Pinterest and now here you are! I love your patterns Alida! It is especially sweet that you created Pigpen for Mary's grandchildren. That is so cute about Pumpkin and her playmat...what a lot of purrsonality she has! And of course, a quilter's cat should have refined tastes in fabric, LOL.

  11. Those peanuts blocks are amazing! The color palette is spot-on too.


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