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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Happy Blogoversary to ME!!

Today is time to celebrate!!

I am TWO years blog-old!!

This second year has been amazing! I practiced many new things, learned a lot and accomplished enough to be pretty proud of myself.

Let's put it down in numbers and pictures!

- 140 posts (about 1 every 5 days!!)
- > 80000 pageviews
- 315 followers (between GFC, Blogloving and Pinterest)
- 104 original patterns created and shared for free on this blog (22 still untested!) - about 1 new pattern a week!!
- 1 pattern shop closed (issue with Craftsy)

So what did I made in this second year? Here are some pictures!
(click on the picture if you want to see it bigger!!)

If anyone is interested in pattern/instruction for a specific project, just drop me an email!! :)
All of them have been shared during the year, but sometimes it's hard to find things in blogs.

Color of the Year wall hanging, Cardinal pillow, Grocery bag, Music & Downton Abbey pillows, Xmas decorations, Bibs, Convertible bag, Evil Eye Wall hanging, Grocery bag 2, Dachshunds pot holder and pouch, Ties pillow, Convertible bag 2, Xmas coasters, Xmas table runner.

On the right - All the blocks received in my Block Swap Adventure.
On the left - blocks made for the Block Swap Adventure + 3 blocks (lower right corner) made for Jennifer @ Sewhooked for charity quilts.

Triangle QAL (baby quilt), Celtic Solstice + Celtic Sunrise (baby quilt), Topolino (twin size), Rainbow Starburst (twin size) & Message in a Quilt (twin size)

And now let's stop looking at the past... and let's look at the future!!
I already posted the list of projects I have for 2015 (see the complete list here), but by now I already added several things to the list and I want to highlight few of the main projects I will focus my attentions on:

I will be running a monthly series of tutorial to learn new techniques or new tricks to known techniques ;) we have a pretty cool list of authors for the different tutorials.
Check out the SYS 2015 page for more information.

Bea @ is hosting a Peanuts BOM with my patterns! I am not sewing more of them myself, but I designed new patterns because people seems interested in making bigger quilts with these characters! 

I will follow some QAL because I plan to collect animal blocks to make some quilt tops for charity. No specific plans for that, except that I want to use several orphan blocks that I have, so I need to make my collection larger!

I also run a weekly link party (MOP Monday) and I post every Thursday about my weekly Tangle (in the My Tangle Thursday series).

So yes, this following year will be busier than the previous one!!

I want to conclude this post with an Happy Blogoversary to me... and a huge thank you to YOU ALL.
With your comments and support you fuel my passion for sewing and you gave me so much inspiration!! If you promise to keep the support going, I promise to keep sewing and sharing!!


  1. Happy bloggerversary! yay for 2 yrs

  2. Happy 2 years blogiversary - love those dachshunds - they are up there with the snoopy dog house as my faves!

  3. Happy blogoversary!

    (I need to email you. I keep having other things to do and saying, "Oh yeah, I'll do that later. After I finish this. No wait, after I finish that!")

  4. ^....Clears throat, finds the right key, begins singing...Happy Blogiversary to you. If I had knows I would have baked a cake hahahahah. My gift to you will be relishing every post and milestone you reach this coming year :) as well as a thank you for all you share :)

  5. Wow, lots of productivity in your world. Congratulations and thanks for sharing your lovely projects.

  6. Wow, pretty impressive accomplishments for a mere two years. Love the Celtic quilts. And Happy Blogoversary!

  7. Happy Blogoversary to you. I would have guessed you have been around longer than that. Maybe it is because I found you on Fantom in Stitches first.

    Thanks for all the free patterns.You are one of the few blogs I still follow. I follow via email.

  8. Happy blogaversary to you. I'm so glad to have recently become a follower of your blog.

  9. Congrats on your blogiversary. I love reading your statistics. :)

  10. Congrats!! I love your creativity.

  11. wow a huge congratulations. I am following the Peanuts QAL also. So cute. Thanks for all you do and for all that you share


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