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Thursday, January 29, 2015

My Tangle Thursday - Week 3 and 4

For this week, Jane shared two tangles: one for week 3 and one for week 4.

They were pretty challenging for different reasons and I learned a lot on what I like and what I don't like during the process.

While Jane always shows the strings she uses, the first design was very challenging. The first try (the small one on the left) didn't end up with the right "plus pattern" in the center and other patterns are also not that great. But doing that allowed me to understand better the overall design and do better the second time (the big one on the right). I am very pleased about how that turned out!!

For the second one, I was happy that the string was not a big circle, however I realized I don't like too much empty space or just simple line filling, I really like using black to give a "checkerboard" effect, so I added a lot of that in my version compared to the original one by Jane. I am pleased of the result and I hope that next tangle will teach me even more things about myself :)

If you also like to make these kind of tangles, feel free to drop a comment below! 
I would love to see your work!!


  1. I want to thank you for getting me started. I think I am going to totally enjoy tangling. I'm not doing complicated exercises like yours. I'm not ready for that! :-) However, I am doing smaller things and I am finding it beneficial for me. :-)

    Shhh, don't tell anyone; but, i blogged about my first efforts.

  2. I think they look great. They look very time consuming.

  3. You've been busy! Looking good! Mine aren't so much tangles, but designs for particular blocks. I'll be posting about them when I get the quilt quilted!

  4. I love yours :) think Id end up with tangle tantrums hahahaha. Really enjoy seeing what you and others are creating though :)


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