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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Secret sewing, Test sewing (and a link party)

Again significant progress this week! I am on a roll!! :)

The List:
  1. Pumpkin's play mat - general layout planned with the fabric I have left from the Mickey Mouse quilt!
  2. the SK project - 1 block done (see below)
  3. Tea Towel challenge and PPV BOM - 2 blocks done (see below) 
  4. Color of the Year challenge- 16/36 border mini-blocks done (cannot share)
  5. Project of Doom 2015 @ Fandom in Stitches - second block done (see below)
  6. Black and White pillow - second half done (see below)
  7. Secret projects - 3 big + 2 small blocks done, 1 traced (cannot share the main ones, but the additional ones are shown below!)
These are the latest blocks for the Tea Towel challenge/PPV BOM. They are the December blocks.
3 more blocks are missing and then border and the wall hanging top will be done! Very excited!!

As mentioned last week, I have a new sewing machine... so I wanted to test the free motion quilting features that I didn't have in the previous machine (dropping feed dogs, larger quilting table, speed control). Since I don't like to make "useless" practice projects, I decided to join a Free Motion Quilting Challenge @ QuiltShopGal :)
There were many things I wanted to test with this project, so I adapted the project to my needs:
  1. I wanted it to be a match with the Yin Yang pattern so I can make a pillow with it!
  2. I wanted to use the pattern how variegated red thread looks on black and white fabric (I never used variegated thread before)
  3. I wanted to see if I can do some FMQ without tracing. So I traced only the half of the heart on the white part, then mirroring the marked shapes
  4. I needed to test the new setup (speed control, new space, etc) so I decided not to care at all if the stitches are not consistent or ugly :) just going with the flow and trying to enjoy the process was my goal.
So this is the result of my test:

I used the design that I saw on Joan's blog for the heart, and the one presented of 2012 challenge on quiltshopgal for the background. I really like the effect of the variegated thread both on the white and on the black. And I also like that the same color thread for the rest of the space: it adds texture without drawing the attention away from the center heart.

My FMQ skills need a lot of work, but I think I like the speed control of this new machine... still don't know how to use it properly but I have the feeling that in the long run it is going to be helpful! :)

This is the second block from the QAL Project of Doom 2015 @ Fandom in Stitches!
POD 2015, week 2 (in my house colors)
I started working on a secret project... and since it's secret I cannot share the main part of the project. But I needed some additional blocks to complement the main one, so I made these scrappy blocks. You will see how they are combined with the main block to create a fun finished object ;)
(Linking up at Oh, Scrap!)

(r and s pattern available at Fandom in Stitches)
And finally another block for my SK project is ready.
Opening line of "The Waste Lands"
You can find the pattern on my The SK Project page.

And now what are YOU going to link?


  1. You have had a busy week. I really like the FMQ background filler you used it really set off the heart design.

  2. You really do make my Sunday nights :) am loving those scrap blocks, my favourite way to sew :) Hope the coming week is as if not more productive :)

  3. What an interesting project...took me a bit to figure out the SK but when I went to the link, I eventually got it! I taught The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon to a 9th Grade Honours English class a few years running. Great book. His writing, although I still can't "do" horror, is just so rich in descriptive detail. Oh, a tip for FMQ on your new machine (or any for that matter) do NOT drop your feed dogs. You will get better stitch results. No lie.

  4. Your scrap blocks are a favorite of mine. I look forward to seeing how they work in the finished quilt. Thanks for linking up with Oh Scrap!


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