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Thursday, January 8, 2015

My Tangle Thursday - Week 1

Since last year, when I won the wonderful book "Tangle Stitches" by Jane Monk in a giveaway, I have been obsessed with tangles (both on paper and with my sewing machine... more on the latter soon on this blog ;) ).

Last week, also Susan @ Quilt Fabrication posted about this book and she pointed out that Jane is going to show one of her tangles per week for the entire 2015 at!

For Christmas I received a little weekly planner that is very cute but not very useful for me (as planner), so instead of putting it away and never use it, I thought that this weekly tangle commitment is the perfect use for that! It keeps track of the date and it's the perfect size to entertain myself with some small tangle meditation!

And since I really like to share my progress in a consistent way here on my blog, I decided to initiate a new Thursday post (called My Tangle Thursday) where I show the tangle of the week!

So here is my first tangle of 2015!

If you also like to make these tangles, feel free to drop a comment below! I would love to see your work!!


  1. Holy cow for week one you look like a pro!!! Fantastic job

  2. Your killing me here hahahaah another thing to look at, reminds me of a punch bowl as you look down on it with fruit slices floating :)

  3. This looks like something I would love to do!

  4. Your drawings are much better than mine!


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