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Thursday, January 22, 2015

My Tangle Thursday - Week 2.5

For this week, Jane didn't have the chance to share a full new tangle (life is busy for everybody), however she shared one single small pattern (Bulls Eye) so I worked with that. Since next week she is going to share both week 3 and week 4, I used pages in the past in my planner :)

So this is my third tangle.

If you also like to make these kind of tangles, feel free to drop a comment below! 
I would love to see your work!!


  1. I'm just getting started! Not ready to share anything because i'm such a beginner AND it's been years since I've doodled. :-)

  2. Wow! On week 2.5 - I am impressed with your dedication and your accomplishment. I promised that when I had something to share, I would. I participated in a blog hop and almost had my major project completed. I'm going to work on one or two blocks to give to a friend for the next hop. I need to get busy - I post on 2-2. Thanks for sharing your great Zentangles.

  3. Are tangles just doodling?

    1. No, not exactly. The short answer is that tangles are a meditative process while doodling is usually intended as something you draw to keep your hands busy while doing something else (like on the phone, or listening to a talk, etc.). The result is pretty similar, but the mental approach is different (for what I understood :) ).
      You can read more on the official zentangles websites, this link has a nice explanation!

    2. Thanks for the reply.


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