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Monday, January 6, 2014

Tea Towel Challenge, PPV and Celtic Solstice updates!!

It has been a quite productive holiday time for me! At least from the point of view of crafty things :)
I delivered all the Christmas presents (all handmade item) and I will share them with you later on this month... because now I have to update you on 3 QAL that I joined: Tea Towel Challenge, Paper Piecing Vintage BOM and Celtic Solstice Mystery!

** Tea Towel Challenge update**
As mentioned before, my tea towel will be the center piece for a wall hanging and it will be surrounded by blocks from the PPV (see later). January would have been the "fabric selection" time for this challenge but I actually already finished my center piece and it looks like this:

The fabric that I will use is going to be scrappy... in dark blue, white and aqua (see later for the whole design). I cut out the main design on the tea towel and I reproduced (in paper piecing) the little geometric motif in the lower band. I increased that in size and I put them on the side of the tea towel. I added some blue and white strips to reach the right size (12'' x 18'') to be coupled with the 6'' blocks of the PPV.
I am pretty happy about this center block, even if I doubled the white fabric (because it was too much "seeing through" for my taste)... this made the little pieces a little bulky and not "perfectly matching" but I like them anyway! :)

** Paper Piecing Vintage update **
The first pattern was released few days ago!! And this is my block:

And I needed three of them, because of my Tea Towel Challenge design :) so this is how the PPV and Tea Towel Challenge looks right now:

I am pretty sure that I will change the greek top/bottom border... and I will probably replace it with a bigger version of the motif I already put on the sides of the tea towel... I think that will be a more cohesive choice... but we will see... I have one year of blocks to make before adding that border... I may change my mind a thousand times more :)

** Celtic Solstice Mystery update **
And the Celtic Solstice was revealed on Jan 1st!! :) I still didn't complete step 5 at that time, but now I not only completed that but I also put together my blocks!!!
Step 5 picture (again I created the paper piecing pattern for the split triangle unit) :)

And these are the finished block on my design wall:

I have just few blocks because for each part of the mystery I just did one fourth of the small quilt blocks... I will add the missing one later on, since I want to make this as a baby quilt... but let me tell you: I really like this design!!! I love patterns that made circles appear without any curved seam!! :) I love the color I choose, they are very bright even if I cannot take a good picture of them now because it's cloudy :( I will when the top will be done! And I love the scrappyness!!

As a final note: the official name of this quilt will be "The perfectly unmatching points"... so if you are a member of the quilt-police, let me tell you that every unmatching point is a design choice against the search of perfection that causes nothing but stress :) during the assembly process I decided to put pins here and there to force some points to match, but not everywhere because I prefer to admire a finished block than stressing about points and using my seam-ripper all the time :)
And Pumpkin (who has been recently being spayed :( this is the reason for the cone) checked them and she gave me her approval, as you can see below:

So if SHE approved them, who can tell me that they are not ok???
And if you want to check everybody else's progress, you can find the link-up party here!!

And that's it for now...
I wish you all a crafty 2014!!! :)

P.S. Actually I also made some progress in the As You Wish QSAL because I am one of the designers so I have access to some patterns before the official release ;) I did one PP block and two embroidery blocks!! I am very proud how the embroidery blocks turned out because I never did "serious" embroidery work (i.e., with stitches different from back stitch) before... but I think my blocks are pretty good for being my first experiment using stem stitch, satin stitch, brick stitch, french knots and lazy daisy stitches ;)
I am sorry but I cannot share pictures of the blocks because they are still secret :) but I will do it as soon as they are officially released on Fandom In Stitches!! ;)


  1. WOW! I love your color choices! Gorgeous! And I admire your stance against the quilt police. I am inspired!

  2. I'm mightily impressed by the design for your tea towel quilt!
    I didn't worry about points on my CS quilt, nor did I twirl the intersections. Bonnie's patterns are so pleasantly busy that they disguise a multitude of "design choices."

  3. Matching points are entirely over rated. The colours are fabulous!

  4. Amen to your analogy on points matching. I'm having the same issue and it's better to be a finished top and in a box becoming a UFO. Your's is coming along nicely.

  5. oh my goodness, that quilt is spectacular! I love all of the different patterns that emerge when the blocks are put together!

    Thanks so much for linking up to Needle and Thread Thursday!

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

  6. Love your Celtic Solstice quilt - it's stunning!

  7. Your celtic solstice is amazing. I'm going to wish I had played a long but it wasn't a good time for me. Your paper pieced star is pretty too. I like how it's ornate but still simple.


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