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Friday, October 24, 2014

Bloggers Quilt Festival - Scrappy - Boxes of Rainbow

(Don't forget to check my other entry (in the Mini category))

If you are new to my blog WELCOME!!
If you are a constant reader, THANKS for your support!! :)

If you are new around here, let me just point you to my main addiction: designing and sharing for free tons of paper piecing patterns :)

As you can see from my header picture I designed patterns for Disney characters, Peanuts and Snoopy, Downton Abbey, Alice in Wonderland but I have many many more (Maleficent, The Simpsons, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Betty Boop, Minions and more)!! Some of them have to be tested, some of there are tested. You can find them just navigating the different tabs or just typing the character name in the search box at the top of the page.

My other love (that you could also appreciate in most of my paper piecing blocks) is SCRAPPY looks!! I love to play with fun prints, mix and match them! So I have a pretty large collection of small scraps, and when I saw this project I had to use it and make it mine.

Boxes of Rainbow - Size 63''x 78''

The original pattern is the Rainbow Starburst quilt by Shanon @ lilabellelane (you can find the pattern here). I love that block! It's super easy, super scrappy, super wonky, super fast... and I did just few blocks at the time... I didn't even know how big the quilt was going to be, or how many blocks I would needed... I just cut 3'' squares and I put them together in blocks of similar colors... and when I had about 15 of them I lay them out in a rainbow order and added corners that "merge" the colors on the two sides.
Then I wanted to add something to calm down the scrappyness of the blocks and I added the white sashing. But I thought simple sashing was too "boring" so I added the shadow box effect (which also made the quilt a good size without adding new blocks!). For the shadow I chose to use a batik because I don't like to work with solids, but any print would have been too crazy for the shadow. The color is the pop of dark red on the back/binding of the quilt so I think it tide up everything together pretty nicely!
Folded and ready to be sent to the lucky recipient :)

This quilt received careful supervision and testing at every step of its construction by a very special helper as you can see below! Help was provided during:



Making sure the final top has been pieced correctly and the quilt is big enough

Making sure the quilt is good for hiding (left top), cleaning (left bottom) and playing (right)

And last, but not least, making sure that the quilt is super comfy for great naps!

So I hope you like it!
I have to admit that even if the quilt is ready and washed, the label is still missing :)
But I need to design a special label to acknowledge the help of the cute friend so that may take some extra time ;)


  1. Neat quilt! And I do love your helper. Mine would love to help but he also feels the need to rip out things that don't meet his standards, so he only gets to view the process now.

  2. Oh that shadow box effect is super! I've never seen anything like it. And your calico is the perfect companion of course.

  3. Beautiful quilt. Love your setting. So original!

  4. You had me at scrappy ;) love the cleverness of the shadow box with the scrappy look, your creativity is just a pleasure to see :)

  5. Well all that help paid off because you've made a fun quilt! I've got helpers just like yours. Only difference is that one of mine likes to pick up my tools and hide them in his fort!

  6. It is a beauty! I love the shadow box effect.

  7. OMG YOU HAVE A FELINE QUILT BOSS/CHEERLEADER TOO!!!! I think all cats get a memo (some ignore it, it's true, in true feline snootiness) to pose on quilts at all the various stages...too hilarious and amazing how similar our two cats--!! Love this quilt, well, because it combines two loves, stars and scraps. Funny, but so does my entry. Well, and the third, cats on quilts, as does mine.

  8. i really love the shadow box! it really enhances the blocks. awesome quilt.

  9. Aww! Cute kitty helper! :) I especially love the rainbow/light blocks you included through the top-- very fun idea and the shadow boxes are very effective, too! Beautiful work!

  10. The blocks are fun, but the shadow box really kicks the design up a notch! It's a wonderful quilt.


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