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Saturday, December 3, 2016

Planning and sewing on (and a link party)

Getting things done feels good!

The Ongoing Project List:
  1. Hello Block Swap - paused until 2017
  2. 70273 Project - 5 new blocks (see below)
  3. The SK project - no progress
  4. Secret event (January 2017) - no progress
  5. Secret event (February 2017) - no progress
  6. Secret event (August 2017) - no progress
  7. Secret event (Jan-Nov 2017)  - E.T.A. ANNOUNCED (added below)!!!
  8. Xmas decorations - no progress
  9. Bullet Journaling into my Quilter's Planner - working on this every day! 
  10. Xmas stockings - 4 done (see below)
  11. En Provence (Bonnie Hunter's mystery QAL) - some four patched done (see below)!
The EverythingElse List:
  1. Splendid Sampler - no progress
  2. Charity Quilts for DC General Homeless Shelter project - no progress
  3. Summer Solstice QAL - no progress
    1. Mirror Mirror Afghan - no progress
    2. Jane T - no progress
    3. the 31000 Xs project - no progress
    4. Spirit cross stitch project - no progress
    5. Alice in Wonderland quilt - no progress
    6. As You Wish -  no progress
    7. Crazy optical illusion - no progress
    8. Memory quilt 2 - no progress
    9. Gyleen's BCP Mystery QAL - no progress
    Working on Xmas presents,  these were supposed to be my last thing to do... except that I miscounted and I need 5 of them, not 4 :) oh well, I will make the last one this weekend!

    I then used a fabric marker (from a past quilty box) to write the name of the recipient on the top of the stocking, which is made with a piece of fleece (from another quilty box) :) 

    Other small Xmas presents are these troll dolls :)

    They are for small kids so I don't think they would care if they look a little weird with the painted faces instead of embroidery :) plus I was in a hurry so I think they are the best I could do given the time constrains ;)

    I received this great block from Rachel for November Hello Block Swap

    PLEASE PLEASE, join the swap for 2017! It is really easy and fun!!
    I am hosting a new QAL for 2017.

    I will host it on my other website (as here I share weekly personal updates and I don't want things to get confusing if people want to just follow the event and not my personal struggles and successes :) )

    If you are intrigued,

    I hope many of you will join... it will be a fun growing experience, there will be prizes, linky and much more!!

    My progress on clue 1 of En Provence...
    Last week I cut a gazillion (or so I thought) of neutral scrappy squares for my En Provence quilt... yesterday I put them together and apparently I only have 20 four patches!! Oh, well... I think I may start using some strips to speed up the process! 
    In the picture, you can also see my project tracker in my Quilter's Planner :)

    If you are interested in seeing what I did in November in the planner, check out my review in this post!!


    More blocks for the 70273 project.

    How about you? What are YOU up to?
    Link it here and share it with me!!


    1. I have seen so many taking part in Bonnie's mystery quilt - I am saving the instructions for later

    2. Such adorable Christmas stockings! They beg for a festive mantel on which to hang. 🎄


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